Alert and Warning for all new user of N.nu

dont use N.nu or recommend to any person

N.nu has the worst point system.

they reduce the users point in order to promote there own pathetic service and site.


point for each unique visitor the last 14 days (stats). Max 300. 1 x 1212 = 212
points for each facebook like with the button FACEBOOK-LIKE. Max 150. 3 x 100 = 150
5 points for each subscriber on your newsletter. Max 200. 5 x 157 = 200

they want unique visitor but they have Max 300 which was reduced to 300
they want FACEBOOK-LIKE but they reduced it from 1000 to 150
they want new subscriber to promote there own N.nu crap but that too was reduced Max 200

and there dumb reasons to do that was spammers, when the fact is these morons dont even know it was those spammers who really promoted there dumb N.nu anyway the fact is n.nu is not worth it.

so better find any other host provider who doesn't rob there users of there hard earned points

N.nu has the worst Personal support crap

they never answer or mail

Your message below will go directly to the support which will answer during business hours. This option is only available for those that have premium. Note: The answer will be sent to mail.com if you don't specify another email in your message. BS they never answer or mail

we have listed our site on 100,000 search engines, directories and specialty sites,and have around 5000 backlink in 1 month and indirectly promoted these morons at N.nu

they earn around 150$ coz of users like us , but they dont pay a penny to any users these dumb morons at N.nu dont even offer a .com or .net instead of points


Recommend N.nu to others and get rewarded 1 point = 4 weeks of premium for free or $1.5 USD Your referral points:

Persons you referred that have an active website: 11 = 11 Points

do the maths

any .com or .net is around 5 to 10 USD to buy or purchase on the internet but instead of that these morons at N.nu offer users premium BS - the worst ever premium service ,they never answer or mail even there premium users

conclusions -

dont recommend N.nu to others

find a better host provider


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